Capstone Project

capstone-project mockup

Project Summary

The Capstone Project is a custom WordPress Website that we created with a team of 4. We created a vacation cabin rental website for a fictional client. In a span of 4 weeks, our team actively took part in the researching, planning, developing, designing, and deployment of the website.

Skills & Tools Used

HTML | CSS | SASS | WordPress

Project Research

Research was done on existing vacation cabin rentals in the areas surrounding Vancouver, BC. We took inspiration mainly from Bowen Island in regards to their vacation activities and the amenities they have offer.

Project Design

Our design choices were based off of several vacation cabin rental websites. As a team, our goal was to create a modern website design using whitespace to our advantage, while maintaining the core essence of our website, which was to provide a relaxing and fun environment for our guests. In terms of colours, we chose a palette that exuded feelings of relaxation and comfort. These colours consisted of light green ( #CCD5AE ), and orange ( #FAEDCD ). Low-fidelity wireframes were created for the custom WordPress site.



Project Reflection

While this wasn't the first time I worked with a team to create a website, it was however, my introduction to the entire web development process starting from the researching all the way to deploying a polished website. I learned a lot about working within a team, and I believe the experiences I gained will be invaluable in the future.