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Project Summary

For this project, I created a game that has you guessing a randomly generated number ranging anywhere from 1 to 4096. The game was developed, designed and deployed by me, thus I did 100% of the work.

Skills & Tools Used

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Project Research

Research for this game was done by taking inspiration from games of similar nature. The functionality and design was created with all the examples in mind.

Project Design

The design of the game uses a dark theme and I tried to emulate the 80's retro game look and feel. In order to recreate this aesthetic for the modern day webpage, I chose to use bold colours such as a dark shade of green ( #008f0c ), blue ( #1774ff ), and red ( #ff000 ). High-fidelity mockups were created for this game.



Project Reflection

During the making of this game, it was the first time I had used vanilla JavaScript to create a functional game. To be frank, it was a big challenge for me at the time as I was struggling to understand the logic behind JavaScript. However, seeing this project through from the planning stages to deployment helped me gain a better understanding of vanilla JavaScript and I gained a much needed confidence boost.