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Project Summary

For this project, we created a fully functional and designed website based on several mockups that were provided. The project was completed with a team of 3 and we each worked on different sections of the webpage to encourage a faster workflow. Our team took on the researching, planning, developing, designing, and deployment of the website.

Skills & Tools Used

HTMl | CSS | JavaScript

Project Research

Brief research was done on other businesses in the same industry as the mockup company; however, since the design of the website was based on mockups, not much research was needed.

Project Design

Our design choices were based on several mockups with varying viewport sizes. The viewports utilized are mobile ( 640px ), tablet ( 768px ), desktop ( 1024px ), and large desktop ( 1600px ). High-fidelity mockups were provided.



Project Reflection

This group project was the very first time I worked in a team to create a website. Working on this project helped greatly in understanding how to create a good work flow when working in a group. Additionally, it was the first time I was introduced to SASS and SCSS. Being exposed to an extension for CSS like SASS/SCSS opened up a whole new world for me when it comes to styling in a team.