Movie Pulse

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Project Summary

Movie Pulse is a react Movie database app that was created using the TMDB API. This project was an individual venture, thus I solely managed the development process.

Skills & Tools Used

HTML | CSS | ReactJs

Project Research

Research was done on existing movie database websites such as IMDB and TVDB. I was also provided with past movie database projects which helped to form the ideas I wanted to implement in terms of design and functionality. The final app was an amalgamation of all the example movie databases that I came across.

Project Design

The design uses a dark theme that is based on how Netflix and Amazon Prime have elected to design their websites. The dark theme was used to highlight the movie posters, much like how whitespace is used to garner attention to a specific area/element on a webpage. In terms of colours, I chose to keep it simple and used a darker shade of red ( #f50057 ), black, and red. High-fidelity mockups were created before developing the react app.



Project Reflection

Although this was the very first time I have been exposed to React, I quickly fell in love with the flexibility of the framework. In a short amount of time, I was able to create a dynamic app that can upscale if need be. In hindsight, I learned a great deal from working with React and plan to utilize the framework in future projects.